Who We Are?

Xenovo: Young, creative, international

As Xenovo, a management consulting company in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Germany, Austria and USA with a corporate identity of providing creative and lasting solutions to our clients' needs, we have a company culture where young, creative minds can thrive and are encouraged to think freely in an international business network.

Our Team

Xenovo works with the biggest companies in the accommodation industry.

Xenovo's versatile and solution-oriented business models determine the strategies of leading companies in the accommodation industry and strengthen their future.

Face of success

Unleashing the creative spirit: An international experience for young talents

In a world driven by innovation and fresh ideas, finding a workplace that fosters creativity, embraces diversity and empowers young talent is everyone's dream. At Xenovo, we have made this dream a reality. As a management consultancy, we don't just solve complex business problems; we nurture the young, creative and international spirit that drives success.


From 2023 to 2024: From one successful year to another with the power of creative, visionary, free Xenovo

2023 was a fantastic year in which our liberating, young, and creative work environment further developed, growing through new projects and partnerships. Our team, transforming plans into projects and projects into Xenovo solutions, combined the perspectives and talents of our new colleagues with their own understanding of freedom and power throughout the year. At the center of an international business network, we built our unique vision. In 2024, as a team with ever-growing talents and creative power, we are ready to break the mold and carve a unique Xenovo path in the business world!

We Work Together

We bring together the needs of different sectors with our own solution power.

Xenovo's versatile and solution-oriented business models guide the strategies of companies from different sectors and determine their future.


At Xenovo, we believe that communication is not only about sharing information, but also about building trust and lasting relationships. That’s why we care very much about finding answers to all your questions as soon as possible. You can contact us at any time, in any way you like.


Rasimpaşa Mah. Recaizade Sk. No: 2/5 Kadıköy, İstanbul 34716


+90 (216) 759 48 63

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