Xenovo's creativity is based on a working environment where a young team works together in harmony and freedom. Each team member works with the freedom to bring their own perspective and creativity to the table. This is because Xenovo is powered by creativity, not by strict rules and a mindset that restricts free thought. Graphic design, content writing, and social media are the most important creative fields where we leave our mark.

Graphic Design

Xenovo produces with the talents of its young and creative team to give a visual identity to the brands or services of its companies and business partners, making its own place in the increasingly visual digital world. Designing an eye-catching logo, visual design for websites, illustrations, photo editing, and more is not just a job for the Xenovo graphic design team, but a signature of enduring creativity.

Xenovo's creativity is based on a working environment where a young team works together in harmony and freedom. We produce original designs that highlight brands and services by deeply understanding the needs of each project and the characteristics of the industry. We leave a “visible” Xenovo mark on the future, especially with websites and logos of major international companies in the accommodation industry, both for our own work and for our business partners.

Content Writing

Xenovo writes the future with its own words. Our content team, which forms the core of our creative understanding, builds a unique corporate identity and original story for both Xenovo and our business partners. Our expertise in the accommodation sector allows us to transform brands and websites into engaging stories, creating strong corporate identities. Our young and dynamic team, which knows no bounds in creativity, is skilled at finding the unique aspects of each international project and turning them into compelling content.

We recognize that every brand or project has a story worth telling. Therefore, our approach at Xenovo is to create engaging, effective, and universal content suitable for the dynamics of the project from words. Whether for our company's projects or our partners', we approach each task with a fresh perspective and ensure that the content we produce is not only informative but also inspirational. Because we believe in the power of a well-told story.

Social Media

Xenovo's approach to social media management is as dynamic and innovative as the team behind it. Our creative, young team does more than just manage social media accounts; they prepare a digital narrative showcasing the lively and diverse aspects of our company culture. Every post, every story is meticulously designed to reflect the essence of working at Xenovo.

In today's digital age, where social media is not just a platform but a language of interaction, Xenovo combines its corporate identity with the boundless creativity of social media. Each piece of content paints a vivid picture of our office life, our team's activities, and our innovative projects. Because we use social media not just to give a voice to our brand, to strengthen our corporate identity, but to show everyone curious about what an international company that prioritizes creativity and freedom above all looks like.